Smoky mouth

Smoky mouth

Monday Oct 10 @ 03:19pm
Monday Oct 10 @ 03:08pm

Hospitals smell funny :|

Wednesday May 5 @ 01:09pm
Skull face :)

Skull face :)

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 09:20pm
QPR yesterday with my boy

QPR yesterday with my boy

Monday Oct 10 @ 05:49am

I am so excited for tomorrow!
Today has been 6 weeks since I’ve seen my beautiful boyfriend and just for the record……it sucks!!

I get to pick him up at 1-ish tomorrow and I couldn’t be more happier :D

Sunday Jun 6 @ 04:53am
It’s been a while

I haven’t really been on this much…. but I thought today I will!

Had an awesome weekend at my boys house and I come back and the next morning have to get rushed into hospital due to an asthma attack! Sucks balls!

But on a positive note, I get to see my boy AGAIN in a week or so….makes me so happy :D

Anyway, I’m off to sleep….feel rough as

Peace out 

Wednesday May 5 @ 10:25am
Reblogged….’cos it’s cute!

I can’t picture anyone daydreaming about me. I can’t picture someone thinking about me when they’re laying in bed before they fall asleep. I can’t picture anyone telling their friends about me. I can’t picture anyone getting butterflies because I hugged them, or even just because I made eye contact with them. I can’t picture someone smiling because my name lit up their phone. I just can’t.

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 08:30am

My girls <3

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 06:05pm
Bite my lip for you&#8230;.and only you &lt;3

Bite my lip for you….and only you <3

Wednesday Mar 3 @ 06:01pm
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